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Teen Outreach Program® Specialist (TOP®)


Wyman, a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit and proud member of the United Way, partners with communities to provide teens with the support and opportunities they need to thrive in life. Originally founded in 1898, Wyman’s mission is to enable teens from economically disadvantaged circumstances to lead successful lives and build strong communities. Teens who participate in Wyman’s programs are proven to have greater chances of avoiding teen pregnancy, class failure and dropout. As a result, they build brighter futures – graduating high school, college and even becoming tomorrow’s leaders. Through three programs, the Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®), the inspireSTL Program, and the Teen Leadership Program, Wyman is helping the young people we serve boldly rise above the many challenges they face. 

Come join our team! Wyman is looking for a committed, energetic, youth-focused individual, who is excited about providing social and emotional learning support to middle school teens in a school environment. The Teen Outreach Program is implemented in social studies classes.


Wyman’s nationally recognized Teen Outreach Program features community service learning, which helps teens build skills, develop a positive sense of self, and make connections to their world. As a result, TOP specialists empower teens to build educational success, life and leadership skills, and healthy behaviors and relationships to help them thrive.

The program is supported by Wyman’s Research and Learning team, which ensures the program is utilizing the latest research in youth development best practices, and high quality program evaluation.

Wyman is recognized by some of the nation’s leading youth development organizations and ranked among the best places to work in St. Louis. Our diverse team is dedicated to serving the young people who inspire us every day. Join us. Stand with them, and apply.

REPORTS TO: Manager, Teen Outreach Program


POSITION SUMMARY: Teen Outreach Program Specialist is responsible for the effective implementation of the Teen Outreach Program at assigned sites (Brittany Woods Middle, Normandy 7th & 8th Grade Center or Ferguson Middle).  The Specialist implements the program consistent with the best practice “Wyman Teen Outreach Program” approach; directly implements the program to assigned students; supports effective integration of the program into the partner site; coordinates quality integration of community service learning opportunities; is responsible for maintaining costs within the approved site budget(s); and supports the evaluation and continual quality improvement of the program. The Teen Outreach Program Specialist is part of Wyman’s larger Teen Outreach Program® team of Wyman Center St. Louis. 


Essential Functions

  1. Ensures effective planning each semester of TOP for his/her designated site(s), based upon the TOP approach, including alignment with Social Studies curriculum and TOP curriculum integrated with community service learning activities.
  2. Meets enrollment and participation targets through effective planning with partner sites, youth enrollment, and retention activities.
  3. Facilitates up to 12 TOP classes per week via in-school, after-school models and community based models.
  4. Participates in and supports on-going planning and continuous quality improvement sessions for TOP® with partner site as needed for feedback and improvement purposes.
  5. Maintains healthy and appropriate relationships with TOP® teens, focusing on safety, support, interaction, and engagement.
  6. Cultivates and maintains relationships with community service learning sites to support TOP activities.  
  7. Utilizes Efforts to Outcomes database for all program data, and uses ETO measurement systems and tools to actively monitor key organizational benchmarks and make ongoing strategic adjustments to improve outcomes. 
  8. Maintains accurate enrollment forms, attendance records, and service records on all youth.
  9. Communicates and works collaboratively with the TOP® partner site,  including teachers, principals, district administration, and school board members as appropriate.
  10. Operates all programming within approved budget, and supports budget processes by submitting required documentation.
  11. Ensures compliance with all standards, licenses and procedures required for TOP, including Council on Accreditation and National Network Certified Replication Partner standards.
  12. Assists in collection of relevant grant reporting data.
  13. Continually acquires and analyzes current information in the field and community to maximize Wyman’s ability to enhance programs to meet changing needs and align with best practices.
  14. Promotes Wyman’s mission through brand messages, content development, attendance at meetings and conferences, and other available channels as outlined in an annual plan.
  15. Works directly and collabortatively with a casload of individual students and their families, schools,  school staff, and other service providers to implement strategies that address school success and school completion for students in need of additional support when needed.
  16. Completing PQI orientations/trainings as necessary
  17. Participate in quarterly case record reviews.

Skills and Abilities

  • Skilled in working effectively in a fast paced environment.
  • Ability to cope with change; can shift gears comfortably.
  • Puts time and energy into listening to others and is easy to approach and talk to.
  • Ability to establish and sustain positive rapport with youth of all ages and diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to establish and sustain positive rapport with youth of all ages and diverse backgrounds.
  • Manages transitions from task to task effectively.
  • Possess the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment. (ETO).
  • Is widely trusted and can maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Cultivates relationships easily
  • Analyzes both successes and failures for clues to improvement;
  • Practices attentive/active listening and has the patience to hear people out.
  • Proven success in youth and family interactions and a strong ability to create and sustain mentoring relationships with youth.
  • Pursues everything with energy, drive, and a commitment to achieving excellence.
  • Focuses on team and organizational goals, needs, and outcomes.
  • Demonstrates the behavior outcomes sought within programs. 
  • Resolves conflicting priorities and accomplishes work on time. 


Education Requirements

Education Level

Field of Study


Masters Degree

Education, Counseling, Social Work or related field


Bachelors degree

Related field


 Experience Requirements

Job Experience:’

Youth Program Delivery in school setting



Supervisory Experience



No Experience



No Experience



3 months to 1 year



3 months to 1 yr



2 to 4 years



2 to 4 yrs



5 to 10 years



5 to 10 yrs



11 year or more



11 yrs or more



 Additional Requirements




Training Provided



Ability to become certified as a Teen Outreach Program facilitator.




Missouri driver’s license



Physical/Visual Activities or Demands










35 Avg. Lbs.





35 Avg. Lbs.











Walk/Move About





Visually/Audibly Supervise Youth and/or Clients





Visually/Audibly Supervise Staff





Environmental/Atmospheric Conditions:  Works within the offices, grounds, and buildings at Wyman partner sites in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area.

Location: Various partner school sites

Equipment Used: Standard office equipment, including computer, telephone, fax, and copy machine.


Please apply online at

This position will be located in St. Louis. 


3120 locust • st. louis, mo 63103 • p. 314.533.0930