“The Rome Group is a valuable partner as it offers constructive counsel and focus in planning and effective strategies for leadership development.”

--Vince Hillyer
President, Boys and Girls Town of Missouri

Leadership Development
Is the leadership of your organization as effective as it can be?

Do your board members fully understand their roles and responsibilities? Do they embrace them enthusiastically?

Could your nonprofit benefit from better teamwork or improved relationships among your board, staff and volunteers?

Does everyone at the top of your organization have the skills they need to help you succeed?

Leading a nonprofit agency in the 21st century requires much more than a commitment to your mission.  Capacity building must start with effective leadership. Successful leaders need solid financial, marketing and communication skills, the ability to motivate people, and the willingness to challenge assumptions and be open to change.

We help leaders in nonprofits organizations be more effective in addressing leadership, management, and operating challenges. Through training session, one-on-one counseling and small group interactions, we help you clarify roles, enhance skill levels and facilitate everyone’s ability to maximize their, and your organization’s, effectiveness.


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