What if, in 10 years, nonprofit organizations were the best places to work in the country? What would it take to get there? How do we ensure that we have the leadership in place and prepared to sustain and advance the nonprofit sector?

Hundreds of nonprofit, foundation and corporate leaders joined The Rome Group on July 18, 2013 for Philanthropic Landscape 2013: Building the Sector's Future Leadership. This 11th annual event featured the following presentations and a panel discussion on leadership development and leadership transition from:

The event also included a presentation on the results of our annual surveys of local nonprofits and  grantmakers.

Watch videos of the event on Youtube

Read the results of our 2013 survey of St. Louis are nonprofit organizations.

Read the results of our 2013 survey of local corporate and foundation grantmakers.

See photos from the event.

Read what one young, emerging nonprofit leader thinks about opportunities in the sector. Here's another.


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The following links provide useful background on reports and articles related to the Philanthropic Landscape 2013 topic: Building the Sector's Future Leadership:

The Bridgespan Group 2006 study

The Bridgespan Group 2009 follow-up study

An article on the leadership deficit from the Stanford Social Innovation Review

Changing the Status Quo: Intentional Succession Planning Through Leadership Development. A 2010-2011 American Express NGen Fellows report, convened by the Independent Sector

Achieving Diversity Step-By-Step: A Step-by-Step Guide to Diversity and Inclusion. Third Sector New England publications. (A how-to guide for increasing diversity in your organization)

Is the Nonprofit Sector Doing Enough for Diversity? Profiles in Diversity Journal article

Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong

Building Future Leaders Diagnostic Survey. A Bridgespan tool to assess how your organization compares to others with regard to leadership development and succession.


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