Landscape 2017

"The Nonprofit Sector:
Strategies in an Uncertain Environment”

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Keynote Speaker
Allison Grayson
Director of Policy Development and Analysis
Independent Sector, Washington D.C.


More than 300 people attended The Rome Group's annual Philathropic Landscape event, held at the Sheetmetal Workers Hall. The event featured presentations from Allison Grayson, Director of Policy Development and Analysis, Independent Sector, Washington D.C., and Amy Bluin, executive director of the Missouri Budget Project, as well as a presentation on the results of our annual surveys of nonprofits and funders in the region.

Ms. Grayson discussed the current state of affairs at the federal level and it's potential impact on nonprofits. She encouraged the audience to visit Giving100 to learn more, to join sector coalitions to stay informed, and to become advocates for their causes at the local, state and federal levels. Ms. Bluin noted that it only takes 10 emails or phone calls for legislators to receive before they pay attention to issues and are willing to listen to constituents.

See the results of our survey of area nonprofits.

See the results of the survey of area funders.

See presentation slides on the survey results.

See Alllison Grayson's presentation slides:  Part 1   Part 2

See Amy Bluin's presentation slides.

See photos from the event.




About Allison Grayson

Allison Grayson joined Independent Sector as director of policy development and analysis in 2013, where she develops public policies to increase the capacity of nonprofits to fulfill their missions. Prior to joining Independent Sector, Allison served as a legislative analyst with the Administration for Children and Families, where she worked with Congress to support $23.5 billion in federal programs, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Head Start, and the Social Security Block Grant.

Her experience with state and local nonprofit organizations began in in 2003, working with state nonprofit associations in Minnesota and Alabama on sector-wide issues. She then joined United Way, where she led coalitions that secured $11 million in federal funding to prevent chronic health conditions, delivered 4,600 services in one day to people experiencing homelessness, and served 10,000 Hurricane Gustav evacuees.

Allison holds a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Minnesota. .


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