Because changing times require that you pay even more attention to how your organization needs to adapt, The Rome Group’s annual Philanthropic Landscape focused on managing change. It took place on Thursday, July 26 at the Sheet Metal Workers Grand Hall.

Change seems to be the real new normal these days…tax laws, philanthropy, volunteer interests, funding resources, community expectations, technology…and the list goes on and on.

Have you thought about what change means for your organization? As nonprofit leaders, it’s our responsibility to manage change, whether that means revising your development strategy to engage a changing donor base or adapting programs as a result of a funding shift or a new major gift.

Change always means adjusting and modifying what you do and how you do it. As a manager of change, you have to be proactive and have tools that can help you make decisions regarding what and when to change.

Highlighting the event was a presentation by Jonathan Star, a national facilitator who specializes in scenario planning to help change the minds and actions of teams to better prepare for…and be able to execute…change.

The event also featured a presentation on the results of recent surveys of area nonprofits and founders that can be seen below.  A local panel of sector leaders also shared their experiences around managing change.