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The Rome Group:

Executive Director

Executive Director

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Diversity Awareness Partnership

Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP) is accepting applications for our Executive Director position. Our mission is to act as a catalyst to increase awareness, facilitate engagement and provide education about diversity, equity and inclusion. Our vision is an inclusive community where diversity is respected and embraced, and equity is the norm. We accomplish these goals through diversity trainings with corporate and community partners, an annual Diversity Summit, community forums with nonprofit partners to explore timely and critical issues, diversity publications, youth programming, career immersion programs, diversity roundtables, and our membership program – DAP Connect.

Basic Function

The Executive Director provides overall leadership and sets the strategic direction for DAP, including creation, implementation and evaluation of long-term plans designed to fulfill the organization’s mission.


Strategic Vision and Leadership

  • Collaborates with the board to refine and implement the strategic plan while ensuring the budget, staff and priorities are aligned with DAP’s mission.
  • Provides inspirational leadership and direction to ensure the continued development and management of a professional and efficient organization; establishes effective decision-making processes that will enable DAP to achieve its long- and short-term goals and objectives.
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with civic leaders, key corporate representatives, foundation heads and individuals to promote awareness of DAP’s activities, as well as philosophies/ initiatives related to diversity, inclusion & equity.
  • Maintains expertise on significant diversity, inclusion & equity issues.
  • Serves as media spokesperson for DAP around diversity, inclusion & equity issues, in our region and around the country, when appropriate opportunities occur.


  • Works closely with the Board of Directors and staff to plan and implement successful fundraising efforts.
  • Actively seeks new and additional sources of federal, state, and local funding for DAP programs.
  • Develops opportunities for DAP to partner with other organizations in stimulating funding sources for new or existing programs which further DAP’s mission.
  • Develops relationships to build funding sources through corporate sponsors.


  • Serving on appropriate committees, boards, task force and commissions at local, state, and federal levels to further the interests of social justice when doing so is consistent with DAP’s mission, values and key strategic priorities.
  • Works closely with the Board of Directors when opportunities arise to participate in public policy activities that can advance diversity, inclusion & equity efforts in our city, county, and state.
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with other diversity, inclusion & equity leaders in our region.

Communications & Program Development

  • Provides leadership on diversity, inclusion & equity work across the St. Louis region that is grounded in an understanding of our community’s history, strengths and challenges, particularly regarding racial justice.
  • Develops communications across multiple platforms — social media, television, radio and print to increase the visibility and impact of our work.
  • Coordinates signature events including DAP’s annual Diversity Dinner and Diversity summit
  • Works with the staff to develop, implement and evaluate innovative programs, trainings, conference and events designed to fulfill DAP’s mission.
  • Represents and presents on behalf of DAP at conferences and other continuing education gatherings locally and nationally.


  • Works with the Executive Committee of the Board of Director’s to develop DAP’s annual budget ($800,000+) for Board approval.
  • Ensures the accuracy and integrity of financial information, reporting and disclosure requirements, internal controls and management information systems.
  • Reviews monthly financial statements.
  • Ensures funds are in place to meet emergencies.


  • Provides vision and transformational leadership that motivates and supports a mission driven staff.
  • Reviews all decisions regarding hiring, termination or disciplinary actions involving DAP employees.
  • Provides supervision that facilitates opportunities for ongoing professional development and access to training on best practices in the diversity, inclusion & equity field.


  • Helps build a diverse and inclusive Board representative of the community and participants that is highly engaged and willing to leverage and secure resources.
  • Attends all meetings of the full Board and the Executive Committee; attends meetings of individual board committees as time permits.
  • Reports on all pertinent DAP activities at Board and Executive Committee meetings.
  • In addition to formal reports during regularly schedule meetings, keeps board chair and other officers informed of significant activities when necessary.


  • Understanding of and commitment to diversity, inclusion & equity.
  • Complete special projects as assigned.
  • Attend and participate in all required trainings and meetings every fiscal year.
  • Additional duties or responsibilities, as determined by the Board of Directors.

Skills Required

  • Deep expertise in building capacity for individuals, organizations and communities to engage effectively in diversity, inclusion & equity work.
  • Transformational Leadership style that is inclusive, collaborative and grounded in social justice values.
  • Adept at collaborating with others who have varying perceptions of diversity, inclusion & equity.
  • Strong emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to:
    • Build relationships with key stakeholders
    • Facilitate diverse groups
    • Manage conflict and build consensus.
  • Ability to work cohesively with board members and to collaborate with multiple constituencies.
  • Strong project management, program planning and implementation skills.
  • Excellent public speaking and writing abilities with a demonstrated ability to effectively communicate to a diverse audience.
  • High level of professionalism, organization and attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of the operations of non-profit organizations               .
  • Ability to function proactively in an unstructured work environment.
  • A willingness to work and participate in various events well beyond normal business hours.
  • Strong analytical ability and critical thinking skills.

Education and Training

  • Prefer a Master’s Degree in an appropriate field
  • Advanced education or training for engaging in diversity, inclusion & equity work


  • 5+ years of experience designing and implementing diversity, inclusion & equity initiatives.
  • 5+ years leadership or management experience
  • Demonstrated success with:
    • Infusing diversity, inclusion & equity practices within a professional setting
    • Working with and managing a diverse workforce
    • Fund development

Applicants are encouraged to apply by March 15th and should submit a statement of interest and a resume to:

Tonya Edmond, Ph.D.
DAP Board Member and Search Committee Chair




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