Fundraising: Helping you raise more money.

Fundraising: Helping you raise more money

Whether you are a large nonprofit contemplating a capital campaign or a small organization building your fundraising program from the ground up, we’re here to help.

Whatever your goals, our team will craft a plan that includes data analysis, concrete strategies, and a way to measure your progress moving forward.




Through in-depth audits, we can help you assess how you are doing and identify opportunities for growth.

We analyze your fundraising strengths and challenges through a review of past results, make specific recommendations for next steps, and often use our audit recommendations to create comprehensive development and fundraising plans to help you raise more money. Our development plans include specific strategies and goals for each fundraising program, metrics for tracking results, development calendars, and other tools that help ensure sustainable fund development.

Our plans ensure you know what to do, and how and when to do it.

campaign feasibility
& planning

During our studies, we interview the right prospects to determine their willingness to provide support.

The most important part of a campaign feasibility study is interviewing the right prospects to determine their attitudes toward the organization, their thoughts on the project, and their willingness to provide support. Our team spends time with our clients to identify the best prospects and ensure their input. We also help develop a strong case for support so that study participants gain a clear understanding about the importance and impact of the project.

Aware of the importance of the organization’s ability to conduct a campaign, The Rome Group assesses an organization’s internal readiness through a review of existing fundraising activities, current policies and procedures, evaluation of staffing capacity and volunteer roles, and a review of information management systems.

Our feasibility study reports include feedback from study participants and an assessment of the potential of a campaign, including a proposed goal. They also:

  • Identify any issues to be addressed either before or during a campaign;
  • Include a campaign gift table, including target gift amounts and number of major donors that will be needed;
  • Recommend campaign strategies and a timetable of activities.
  • Highlight internal resource requirements for a successful campaign.

Our feasibility studies not only tell you what your campaign can raise, but how to do it successfully.


Through identifying the best prospects, we will help you determine what you need for a successful campaign.

As your organization decides whether to move forward with a campaign, our team can help you identify the best prospects and get their input on the project and your organization’s overall work. We will help you determine what you need for a successful campaign – the right messages, the right staff and volunteers, and the right infrastructure – and give you concrete recommendations on whether and how to move forward.

If and when your organization decides to launch a comprehensive campaign, our team can provide a range of support, from strategic counsel to developing campaign plans to overall campaign management. Our team will partner with your organization to ensure the campaign moves forward efficiently and achieves the desired results.


We help development professionals strengthen skills, overcome challenges & boost productivity.

Individual coaching helps development professionals to strengthen skills, overcome performance challenges and boost productivity. It can also improve retention because employees are more loyal and motivated when an organization helps them be better at their job.

Our coaching can make a difference whether you’re a new Director of Development or seasoned professional who needs support in specific areas, such as management. Our coaching focuses on identification of strengths to build on, areas for improvement, and measures for success.


We help during times of transition to ensure your fund development activities continue.

Transitions in fundraising leadership can potentially leave your organization without a development director for months. Our team can step in during these times not only to ensure your fund development activities continue but also to provide expertise to enhance your efforts to raise more money.

We work with staff members and the Board so that you don’t “miss a beat” and you develop a stronger foundation for new leadership to build upon. Combined with our coaching once you have hired a new director, our interim support can leave you in a stronger position than before the transition.


We help identify current and new donors who have the capacity to make larger gifts.

In partnership with development staff, our team identifies current donors who have the capacity to make larger gifts as well as new donors with major gift potential. We help our clients set goals for major gifts, provide advice on donor engagement strategies, and create cultivation and solicitation plans to guide the efforts of both the staff and board members. We can help you set goals for both individual and institutional prospects.


Creating Fundraising Opportunities Through Campaign Feasibility Studies

“The Rome Group’s assistance has been invaluable from keeping us on track, providing strategies for major solicitations, and drafting proposals and letters as needed.”

⁠— Nikki Goldstein, Executive Director Crown Center for Senior Living