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  • Full Time
  • Illinois
  • Salary: $97,000 base gross annual
  • Organization Type: Education

Riverbend Head Start & Family Services

Interested applicants should email their resume to

All employees of the Agency must be fully vaccinated or have received an approved religious or medical vaccination exemption prior to their first day of employment.

Benefits include: Benefit time (vacation, sick personal), health, dental, life, vision insurance, 401(k) with 5% employer contribution, flexible benefit accounts, health reimbursement account, long-term disability, tuition reimbursement, EAP, 10 paid holidays, etc.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are critical to our Agency’s mission and vision.


Bachelor’s degree in accounting required, Master’s degree preferred.  CPA and a minimum of 5 years’ experience with non-profit accounting and 2 CFR 200 Uniform Guidance preferred with 3 years of supervisory experience preferred.  Demonstrated experience with accounting/payroll software, including Microsoft Office required.  Must be able to provide their own transportation to and from work and throughout the work day.

The Finance Director develops, implements and maintains the Agency’s accounting systems to provide complete, timely and accurate records of assets, liabilities and financial transactions in accordance with generally accepted accounting procedures (GAP).

·         This position provides written reports detailing the Agency’s financial status for all programs, funds, grants and non-federal share regularly analyzing program expenditures against budget and other indicators vital to decision making and anticipating any emerging issues.

·         This position works collaboratively with Directors in developing the annual budget and budget goals and prepares and submits required financial reports for funding sources being reviewed with appropriate Directors or Coordinators.

·         The Finance Director prepares budget and financial portions of all grant renewals and new proposals ensuring the appropriateness and accuracy of proposed costs to ensure compliance with fiscal policies while maintaining the cost allocation plan with methodologies applied consistently to ensure all funding streams are assessed and costs are in alignment with benefit.

·         This position maintains administrative and internal accounting controls to insure all revenues are collected and deposited and all expenditures are properly supported and approved.

·         This position ensures that grant and/or funding source compliance issues are satisfied, including compliance with 2CFR 200 Uniform Guidance and establishes written Agency purchasing procedures in compliance with funding source regulations publishing, updating and maintaining finance policy and procedures so that all staff have access to relevant guidance.

·         The Finance Director is responsible for the administration of insurance programs to include general liability, professional liability, workman’s compensation and automobile along with the maintenance of Agency inventory in accordance with funding source guidelines.

·         This position is responsible for third party independent audits, state and federal audits and all other financial and compliance audits and will provide financial training to board members, policy council representatives and employees as needed.

·         In the Agency President’s absence, the Finance Director will approve payment of recurring invoices and all other financial reports and transactions.

Business Acumen:  Knows how the Agency works staying knowledgeable in current and possible future policies, practices, trends, technology and information affecting the organization.  Maintains awareness of strategies and tactics in the workplace.

Functional/Technical Skills:  Possesses the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment.

Innovation Management:  Good at bringing the creative ideas of other to the Agency using good judgement about which ideas and suggestion will work.  Manages the creative process of others by facilitating effective brainstorming.  Projects how ideas may play out for the Agency.

Planning:  Accurately scopes out the length and difficulty of tasks and projects, sets objectives and goals and breaks down work into process steps assigning tasks and developing schedules.  Anticipates and adjusts for problems and roadblocks and measures performance against goals ultimately evaluating results.

Presentation Skills:  Effective in a variety of formal presentation settings, one-on-ones, small and large groups, with peers, direct reports and management level staff both inside and outside the Agency utilizing data, addressing controversial topics, etc.  Commands attention and manages the group process during presentations changing tactics midstream when something isn’t working.

Priority Setting:  Spends their time on what’s important and quickly zeros in on the critical areas and puts the trivial aside.  Quickly senses what will help or hinder accomplishing a goal by eliminating roadblocks and creating focus.

Problem Solving:  Uses logic and methods to solve difficult problems resulting in effective solutions.  Searches sources for answers and sees hidden problems.  Excellent at honest analysis looking beyond the obvious not stopping at the first answers.

Process Management:  Figures out processes necessary to get things done by organizing people and activities.  Separates and combines tasks into efficient work flow knowing what to measure and how to measure it seeing opportunities for synergy and integration.  Simplifies complex processes getting more out of fewer resources.

Strategic Agility:  Sees ahead clearly, can anticipate future consequences and trends accurately using broad knowledge and perspective to be future oriented.  Can articulately paint credible pictures and visions of possibilities and likelihoods creating breakthrough strategies and plans.

Technical Learning:  Picks up on technical areas quickly learning new skills and learning new industry, Agency, product or technical knowledge such as internet technology.  Does well in technical courses and seminars.

Total Work Systems:  Dedicated to providing the Agency common systems for designing and measuring work processes seeking to reduce variances in Agency processes.  Delivers quality products and services meeting the needs and requirements of internal and external customers.  Committed to continuous improvement through empowerment and management by data leveraging technology to positively impact quality.  Willing to re-engineer processes from scratch and open to suggestions and experimentation.  Creates a learning environment leading to efficient and effective work processes.


Approachability:  Easy to approach and talk to spending the extra effort to put others at ease by being warm, pleasant and gracious.  Sensitive to and patient with the interpersonal anxieties of others building rapport and being a good listener.  Is an early knower getting informal and incomplete information in time to do something about it.

Customer Focus:  Dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers obtaining first-hand information and using it for improvements in services.  Acts with customers in mind establishing and maintaining effective relationships with them and gaining their trust and respect.

Decision Quality:  Makes good decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience and judgment with most solutions and suggestions turning out to be correct and accurate when judged over time.  Sought out by others for advice and solutions.

Directing Others:  Good at establishing clear directions, setting stretching objectives and distributing he workload appropriately.  Lays out work in a well-planned and organized manner maintaining two-way dialogue with others on work and results.  Brings out the best in people communicating clearly with others.

Informing:  Provides information people need to know to do their jobs and to feel good about being a member of the team and organization.  Provides individuals information so that they can make accurate decisions and is timely with information.

Integrity and Trust:  Is widely trusted being seen as a direct, truthful individual you can present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner while keeping information confidential.  Admits mistakes and doesn’t misrepresent themselves for personal gain.

Listening:  Practices attentive and active listening having the patience to hear people out.  Accurately restates the opinions of others even with they disagree with them.

Patience:  Tolerant with people and processes, listens and checks before acting and tries to understand the people and the data before making judgements and acting.  Waits for others to catch up before acting being sensitive to due process and proper pacing while following established processes.

Peer Relationships:  Quickly finds common ground and solves problems for the good of all.  Represents their own interests while being fair to other groups solving problems with peers with a minimum of noise.  Seen as a team player and is cooperative easily gaining trust and support of peers.  Encourages collaboration and can be candid with peers.

Organizing;  Marshals resources to get things done while orchestrating multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal using resources effectively and efficiently.  Arranges information and files in a useful manner.

Perseverance:  Pursues everything with energy, drive and a need to finish seldom giving up before finishing, especially in the face of resistance or setbacks.

Perspective:  Looks toward the broadest possible view of an issue or challenge.  Has broad-ranging personal and business interests and pursuits used to easily pose future scenarios.  Things globally and can discuss multiple aspects and impacts of issues projecting them into the future.

Written Communications:  Writes clearly and succinctly in a variety of communication settings and styles getting their message across with the desired effect.

Work/Life Balance:  Maintains a conscious balance between work and personal life, knows how to attend to both so that they obtain what they want from both.