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  • Full Time
  • Illinois
  • Salary: $34,000
  • Organization Type: Human/Social Services

Alcoholic Rehabilitation Community Home (ARCH)

SUMMARY: Provide clinical treatment to substance use disordered men in a residential rehabilitation setting. Ability to provide group and individual counseling with documentation to support services provided.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Basic knowledge of prevailing concepts of substance use treatment and 12- step support networks. Experience working in an addictive disorders field desired, but not required. Must have a minimum of a Bachelor of Arts/Science in the behavioral science, counseling, psychology, or sociology field.


·         Able to work cooperatively with clients, staff and community.

·         Maintain confidentiality requirements.

·         Must have regular attendance following schedule set forth by Executive Director.

·         Understands and follows policies and procedures, written and verbal.

·         Demonstrates understanding of the Bio-Psycho-Social needs of adult male substance use disordered clients.

·         Demonstrates ability to provide treatment to the population served by ARCH.

·         Must be able to provide individual and group therapy sessions to clients and provide documentation to support services provided.

·         Must have taken the Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) certification test within two years of hire.

·         Submission of CADC application within 18 months of hire.

·         Must complete all continuing education credits required to maintain CADC certification

SPECIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Engage in ongoing education in accordance with established policies and procedures. Complete orientation program. Perform alternative and/or additional duties as determined by Executive Director and/or Senior Counselor.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountable to the Sr. Counselor and Executive Director.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be in good health, write legibly and have adequate hearing for individual and group communication.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Must include adequate work space and equipment.  Sufficient privacy to allow for written work, readings, etc. Work in a clean temperature-controlled environment. Possible injury from combative clients.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: All responsibilities listed are essential functions. This list may not be inclusive of all essential functions for this position. Essential functions may be added or removed at employer discretion. Employee will be made aware of changes regarding in his/her job description.

INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: Courteous and considerate toward clients and their families. Courteous and considerate toward visitors and staff. Telephone communications are courteous and informative. Displays sensitivity to the needs of clients and visitors. Handles conflicts with direct, open communication.

ENVIRONMENTAL AND SAFETY STANDARDS: Reports all unsafe environmental conditions to the appropriate party (e.g., electrical hazards, spills, blocked fire exits, equipment failures, etc.).
Demonstrate personal responsibility for the overall appearance of the work area (e.g., cleanliness, trash, clutter, soiled carpet and floors). Monitor environmental factors affecting clients’ comfort (e.g., temperature, lighting, sound and privacy). Complete all mandatory annual education programs to ensure safety of him/herself, other associates, clients and visitors.

QUALITY IMPROVEMENT STANDARDS: Perform job function in accordance with established standards and procedures assuring the right jobs are done correctly. Contribute to team efforts and carry out assignments in a responsible manner, with attention to quality. Attend appropriate educational offerings to improve and build on personal skills.


1.  Demonstrate ability to use individual and group counseling skills to aid client’s development in early recovery.

Meets weekly with all assigned clients for a minimum of one hour.
Effectively builds rapport and positive relationships with all clients.
Assess specialist needs of clients and provides appropriate treatment planning and referrals, if needed.
Adequately prepares for client group treatment.
Appropriately facilitates client therapeutic groups.
Conduct Disaster Drills as needed (Fire, Flood and Tornado), completing required documentation of event.
Provide prescribed medication, observe clients take their medication and document medication in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR).
Effectively assess client issues and addresses them as needed.

2. Demonstrates ability to appropriately document client’s treatment.

Complete face-to-face or phone Bio-Psycho-Social assessments.
Forward all completed Bio-Psycho-Social assessment to ARCH’s Medical Director for approval in a timely manner.
Appropriately documents individual and group therapy sessions. (Notes are to be clear, legible and be relevant to client’s treatment plan).
Appropriately assesses client’s strengths and needs and is able to adequately address them in his treatment plan.
Complete treatment plans based on the individualized needs of the client.

3. Demonstrates ability to perform special duties to insure efficient operation of agency.

Ability to take on specialist tasks which may include, but are not limited to, covering group therapy, driving to Medical Director to discuss assessments/treatment plans, attend speaking engagements, etc.
Ability to attend meetings and other functions as an employee of ARCH.
Attend workshops as necessary trainings to enhance professional skills.
Proficient computer skills including scanning and uploading documents and documenting progress notes in an EMR.

Ability to work proficiently in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook programs.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This is as a full-time position. The employee is eligible for medical insurance benefits including health, dental and vision after completing a 90-day probationary period. The employee does accrue vacation and sick time and receives two personal days after completing a 90-day probationary period. After 90-day probation period has expired, employee may request time off. Requests are subject to approval by the Executive Director.

Cover letters and resumes can be emailed to me