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  • Full Time
  • St. Louis City
  • Salary: $68,000 to $83,000
  • Organization Type: Community Development

Cornerstone Corporation

Organization Overview—Cornerstone CDC is a place-based, pro-Black, Christian Community Development Corporation (nonprofit) who believes stable housing is the first, critical step to poverty alleviation. Dedicated to serving the historic West End/Visitation Park neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri, Cornerstone CDC sees residents as our greatest asset and holds a vision where growth does not mean displacement of the most vulnerable people. Founded in 1976, Cornerstone CDC operated offering intentionally affordable rental housing for our working poor neighbors.  The organization is now stepping into a bold, new vision of “healing” the full neighborhood, in large part, directed and guided by our dynamic neighborhood residents who are leading the implementation of the weCollab West End/Visitation Park Resident-led Neighborhood Reinvestment Plan (“the weCollab Plan”), adopted by the City of St. Louis in June 2023.

Position Description— Reporting to the Executive Director, the Sr. Manager of Community Development and Neighborhood Impact will primarily steward the implementation of the weCollab Plan as an administrative resource for the designated West End/Visitation Park residents leading the effort.  In addition, this position will work closely with the Executive Director as a part of the new executive team to support Cornerstone CDC’s 2024-26 Strategic Roadmap, positioning the organization as an anchor institution supporting resident-led development and relevant partnerships that drive anti-displacement initiatives in the neighborhood.

The Sr. Manager of Community Development and Neighborhood Impact must be a high-capacity process designer and doer who can provide strategic thinking and thought leadership while operating with urgency, humility, depth, and kindness.


Focused Project Management:

Manage the program/project from scoping and requirements through deployment for an end-to-end project or specific area of a project.

  • weCollab’s Oversight of Plan: Proactively and responsively manage, monitor, and report on the execution of key defined, and prioritized deliverables and status in an effective manner in response to and under the direction of the weCollab Implementation Committee. Provide leadership and resource support to the weCollab process and structure, developing project/phrase plans in accordance and in reference to the weCollab Plan’s outlined targeted objectives facilitating conversations, strategies, and work plans with potential project sponsors, technical assistance consultants, key stakeholders, and/or residents as required or requested.
  • Facilitation and Committee Management: Staff the weCollab Implementation Committee, preparing Committee members and stakeholders for main governance meetings, communicating and anticipating project/program management status, delays, and opportunities to stakeholders.  Prepare and communicate the agenda, manage the meeting discussions and follow-up items, capture the action items and key decision points, streamline the flow of information in digestible, discernible visuals and content for equitable access. Provide feedback on the process and monitor the health of the interactions for optimal engagement.
  • Build Ecosystem Capacity: Finalize and “stand up” implementation governance committee and relevant subcommittees including leading the onboarding process and finalizing organizational partnerships, roles, and responsibilities. Formalize collaboration with relevant governance tables and auxiliary systems or actors that are positioned to play an integral role as partner in monitoring, driving, funding, or  reviewing execution of the weCollab Plan.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Oversee financial tracking and reporting work for the program/project. Manage work plan, tracking and analytics for the program/project execution. Responsible for creation and maintenance of management dashboards and executive summaries as relevant to weCollab.
  • Technical Assistance Coordination: Lead resource management support including roll-on/roll-off, including initiating bidding and selection process of relevant domain and subject-matter expertise to provide vision, direction, thought-partnership, or execution of critical aspects of implementation work at the discretion of the administrative partner based on capacity.

Engagement and Event Support:

Coordinate with volunteers in addition to paid contractors to execute key activities that drive resident engagement with weCollab and inform direction of the weCollab Plan, including, but not limited to:

  • Ambassador Administration: Work in coordination with the contracted Lead Community Ambassador, to  administer the recruitment, documentation, payment, and deployment of the weCollab Engagement Ambassadors and weCollab Ambassadors Program, the initiative compensating residents to engage fellow residents in the Plan, weCollab, related activities.
  • Development Review Committee (DRC): Support, engage, and coordinate with the Development Review Committee including supporting meeting documentation such as minutes and special presentations.
  • Social Media and Communications: Design and support communication plan that promotes weCollab and the Plan across multiple channels and media (e.g. email, SMS text messaging, phone calls, blogs, podcast, videoconferencing, door-to-door, mailers, yard signs) as well as the design, inventory management, and distribution of collateral engagement materials (e.g. promotional fliers, informational one-pagers, giveaways) in partnership with residents and professional contractors.
  • Administer Website and Other Engagement Platforms: Maintain, specifically pay the subscription costs and keep the credentials for the domain in addition to other communication tools (e.g. SMS text platform, videoconferencing) consistent with weCollab communication plan; provide oversight for the timely content updates to advance the Plan.
  • Signature Events and Other Events: Build schedule of activation events designed and managed as weCollab events in addition to supported approved events sponsored by other partners. Provide project management and oversight of weCollab signature events from planning, resourcing, liability coverage, promotion, site management, photography, ordering inventory, handling giveaways, contracting with relevant vendors within designated and approved budget.
  • Resident Activation/Training and Support: Work in coordination with residents to continue to build the learning and teaching capabilities of residents and stakeholders in key domains such as peer engagement, land use, event planning, project management, and fundraising. Formalize and oversee the volunteer management program for weCollab.

General Operations and Organizational Support:

Support Cornerstone CDC as an anchor in moving the work forward in accordance with our 2024-26 Strategic Roadmap.

  • Reporting: Work with the Executive Director and grant management team on relevant grant applications and reports to funders in a timely manner with fresh and accurate recorded data.
  • Other Duties: Fulfill special projects as assigned by the Executive Director and Board of Directors to support the sustainability of the organization and establish the relevance of the work, especially in accordance with the Cornerstone CDC approved Strategic Roadmap.


  • Strong passion for the mission and demonstrated interest in racial equity and desire to honor Black spaces, specifically
  • Alignment with Cornerstone CDC Operating Principles of Integrity, Humility, and Faith*
  • Comfort with ceding power to community stakeholders while providing thought leadership
  • Respect for the Christian Community Development Philosophy and orientation to equitable community development
  • Be available to regularly work during the evenings and occasional weekends to meet with volunteer resident leaders and stakeholders
  • Strong interpersonal skills, being kind and self-aware, and demonstrated ability to develop authentic relationships and high degrees of socio-emotional intelligence
  • Use project management platforms like Asana and Trello to manage workflow

*Note: Faith, as a Cornerstone CDC Operating Principle, is not religious; it is the belief and hope that better is possible.


A bachelor’s degree is required, preferably with a background in urban/community planning, community and real estate development. This is a position on an executive team of a growing community-based organization, and will require demonstrated competencies in executive reporting and project management. Experience in project management and community engagement is required. Ability to drive work forward independently while being responsive to organizational oversight and community leadership is a must.


  • Project management and meeting facilitation experience, community organizing experience a plus.
  • High attention to detail, strong work ethic, and ability to hit deadlines and communicate when they cannot.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with a thoroughness in documentation.
  • Learning-orientation, supporting a high-trust work environment where positive intentions are presumed and team members are given the benefit of the doubt.
  • Operate with political savvy and tact, managing the reputation of the organization and honoring the trust of residents when interacting with colleagues, partners, and public officials.
  • Ability to handle multiple and varied tasks with ease, while striving for accuracy and excellence
  • Strong listening skills and communication skills.
  • Marked ability to work independently and deliver results with excellent communication, partnership, tact, and follow-through with key named stakeholders.
  • Exceptional multi-tasking abilities and comfort with switching between high- and low-level work.
  • High level of personal and professional ethics.
  • This is a full-time position offering a competitive stipend towards healthcare and medical benefits. Salary will be based on experience, qualifications, and record of achievement.

Cornerstone Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants and employees committed to our mission and vision will be considered on an equal basis regardless of an individual’s race, color, gender, age, national origin, religion, citizenship status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disability, projected Veteran status, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other categories protected by applicable federal, state, or local laws.


Candidates who are ready to be considered should electronically send the following five (5) materials to at with the subject line “Application for Sr. Manager of Community Development”:

Professional Application:

(1) Resume
(2) Cover letter
(3) Two professional references, providing their name, title, and contact information

Personal Narrative:  Responses to both of the following prompts in 100-300 words, each:

(4) Prompt #A: Please briefly define characteristics of strong facilitation and describe your approach to meeting/group facilitation especially when navigating a complex project or dealing with diverse perspectives. Please illustrate your approach with an example as appropriate.

(5) Prompt #B: In your own words, explain the significance of community development being “resident-led,” including your understanding of the definition of resident-led development.