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  • Full Time
  • St. Louis City
  • Salary: $80,000 - $95,000
  • Organization Type: Community Development

Laclede's Landing Neighborhood Association

Job Title: Executive Director

Organization: Laclede’s Landing Neighborhood Association, a Main Street Organization

Geography of Work: Laclede’s Landing and Neighboring Jurisdictions

Position Type: Full-Time Grant Funded


Founded in 2021, Laclede’s Landing Neighborhood Association is a part of the local Main Street Network that includes two other local community-driven commercial corridor initiatives – Delmar and Dutchtown – and a state and national network that includes accredited initiatives and dozens of affiliate communities. Together, the Main Street Network is residents, businesses, property owners, developers, architects, urban planners, elected officials, nonprofit organizations, and institutional partners working to revitalize and sustain the heartbeat of America – local main streets.  Our service area covers a 9 (nine) block radius east of 3rd St., south of Martin Luther King Blvd., north of Eads Bridge, and west of the Mississippi River.

Laclede’s Landing Main Street and The Four Point Approach:

Laclede’s Landing Main Street has a comprehensive economic strategy that guides commercial and residential  revitalization through a four-point transformation approaches of design, organization, economic vitality, and promotion. The Main Street Approach™ is a unique, historic preservation-based economic development strategy that focuses on leveraging existing social, economic, physical, and cultural assets to energize community revitalization efforts and help manage success for the long term.

•        ECONOMIC VITALITY Focuses on capital, incentives, and other economic and financial tools to assist new and existing businesses, catalyze property development, and create supportive environment for entrepreneurs and innovators that drive local economies.

•        DESIGN Focuses on supporting the community’s transformation by enhancing the physical and visual assets of Laclede’s Landing that set the district apart. Create a safe, appealing and inviting atmosphere for visitors to shop and spend time – storefronts, building architecture, streetscape, public art, street furniture and other public spaces are used to convey a positive image for the district while maintaining the unique historic character of the area.

•        PROMOTION The marketing arm of Laclede’s Landing Main Street. Promote activities, position the downtown or commercial district as the center of the community and the hub of economic activity, while creating a positive image that showcases the community’s unique characteristics.

•        ORGANIZATION Involves creating a strong foundation for a sustainable revitalization effort, including cultivation of partnerships, community involvement and resources for the district.

Position Overview & Responsibilities:

Laclede’s Landing Neighborhood Association is seeking an Executive Director (ED) to lead the sustainability of the Laclede’s Landing Main Street organization.  As the chief spokesperson of the organization, the Executive Director (ED) will implement the Four Point Approach of Main Street America, which includes implementing Laclede’s Landing transformational strategies “creating people centered places” and “entrepreneurship and development”.

Minimum Qualifications:

•        Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree in Public

Administration, Community Development, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Economic Development, Business Administration, or a related field; equivalent to 5+ years of documented community development engagement, leadership, and implementation at a level that requires projects and programs management within community development or commercial district management.

•        Knowledge of or experience with the Four Point Approach of the Main Street program or other economic development or transformation approaches to community development.

•        Proven track record of fund development and grant writing.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as strong skills in collaboration and interpersonal relationships.

•        Ability to operate within a growing organization by providing strategies geared to accomplishing the organization’s strategic work plans and transformation strategies.

•        Ability to work independently and in partnership with a working board.  The ability to coach and cultivate volunteers and build strong and collaborative relationships.

•        Demonstrated ability to work well with diverse groups of people and willingness to challenge oneself and others.

•        Passionate about community, mission-driven, and works from a strengths-based approach.  Action-oriented, entrepreneurial, self-directed, and adaptable

Organizational Management:

•        The Executive Director will supervise, direct, and manage day to day business and management of the organization, including the implementation of policies and procedures, program development, financial management, marketing, and community relations, and compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

·        Oversee collaboration and coordination with partner operational entities in Laclede’s Landing. Establish inter-entity MOU’s and monitor their functional relationships as a collective between the various neighborhood entities to ensure global success.

o   LLRC (Laclede’s Landing Redevelopment Corporation)

o   LLCID (Laclede’s Landing Community Improvement District)

o   LLNA (Laclede’s Landing Missouri Main Street Board of Directors)

•        Manage all administrative aspects of the organization, including purchasing, record keeping, budget development, accounting, compliance, grant writing, fundraising, strategic planning, marketing, and reporting as required by Main Street America, Missouri Main Street Connection, and any other funding agency.

•        Serve as operational management oversight for the neighborhood to include vendor selection, creation of yearly operational schedules, task management assignment and checklists, contract negotiation and compliance, work order management and reconciliation.

•        Oversee volunteers, contractors, and partner vendors affiliated with organization programming and events.

•        Recruit, interact with, and manage volunteers to accomplish goals of the organization as outlined by the board.

•        Coordinate promotional events for the neighborhood, organization, and business community to attract people and economic activity into the area.

•        Ensure that communication among the community, Laclede’s Landing Neighborhood Association committees, board, other neighborhood entities, and stakeholders is well established.

•        Work with stakeholders to implement the comprehensive Main Street Plan and provide milestones to revitalize the Laclede’s Landing tracts through the coordination of community-led committee activities.

Financial and Administration:

•        Prepare annual operating budget for Board review and approval.

•        Maintain accurate accounting and financial reports.

•        Prepare and provide monthly reports.

•        Prepare for and manage required annual audits.

•        Plan and coordinate all Board meetings with Board of Directors

•        Ensure that the organization is in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Small Business Owner Engagement:

•        Provide technical assistance and resources to small business owners in coordination and partnership with the Laclede’s Landing CID, SLDC Neighborhood Managers, LLRC (Laclede’s Landing Redevelopment Corporation) Merchants Association and other district corridor stakeholders.

•        Facilitate communication and collaboration among business owners, community leaders, and other stakeholders to improve entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Develop and implement strategies that will lead to business revitalization.

Fund Development:

•        Establish performance metrics, monitor results, and evaluate the efficacy of the fund development program.

•        Develop and implement strategies to increase revenue through grants, sponsorships, individual donations, and other fundraising activities to support organizational operations.  Attract new opportunities for public-private partnerships.

•        Establish and maintain relationships with funding sources and donors, as well as prepare and submit grant proposals and reports.

•        Maintain accountability and ensure compliance with all regulations and laws, as well as the code of ethics for fundraising professionals.

•        Help to recruit, train, and motivate fundraising volunteers.

•        Keep abreast of developments in philanthropy and fund development.


•        The salary range is $80k – $95k and will be commensurate with demonstrated skills and experience.  This position will work closely with the four main street committees and related Laclede’s Landing entities, be accountable to the board of directors, but will directly report to the Board President.

•        Benefits included