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  • Full Time
  • Missouri Other
  • Salary: 125,000-175,000
  • Organization Type: Community Development

Love Columbia


Love Columbia is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit serving under-resourced people in Columbia, Missouri who are struggling to provide for their basic needs or improve their life and want help to create a path forward.

The Opportunity:
Love Columbia is seeking a dynamic Chief Operating/Financial Officer to enhance our team and further our mission of loving people forward. The ideal candidate will possess a combination of strategic acumen, operational & financial prowess, and a profound dedication to service, which are essential in transforming the lives of individuals in Columbia, MO. We’re looking for someone who is diligent, team-oriented, deeply empathetic, passionate about refining operational processes, and aligns with our Mission and Values. As a key leader on the executive team, you’ll drive operational excellence, overseeing everything outside of Development and Services Fulfillment. This role manages a growing annual budget of $5M and is crucial in shaping and guiding the organization’s future growth and efficacy.

To see individual lives and the community transformed through neighbors helping neighbors. We believe this is best done through a holistic approach where we serve the whole person and engage the whole community. We are motivated and inspired by the extravagant love and selfless service of Jesus who sought out the most vulnerable and disadvantaged and lifted them up.

Growth Journey and Vision:
Love Columbia has experienced remarkable growth, expanding our staff to over 40 full-time employees and nearly quadrupling our budget since 2019. This period has also seen a 152% increase in the number of clients we serve, underscoring our deepening impact in the community.

Building on this momentum, our vision for the future includes:

  • Sustainable Expansion: Continuing to scale our operations and outreach in a sustainable manner, ensuring that every expansion step is well-integrated into our holistic service model.
  • Infrastructure Development: Enhancing our campus footprint, which now includes the acquisition of single-home transitional housing and the forthcoming construction of a transitional housing complex, to better serve our community’s needs.
  • Program Innovation: Developing new programs that address the evolving challenges faced by our clients, with a focus on long-term solutions and self-sufficiency.
  • Community Integration: Strengthening partnerships with local organizations and community stakeholders to harness collective resources and knowledge, maximizing the impact of our efforts.

This vision is guided by our heart to love people forward, ensuring that as we grow, we continue to hold steadfast to our unique model of serving the whole person.


  1. Every person is created in the image of God, has intrinsic worth, and should be treated with dignity and respect.
  2. A community flourishes best when we love our neighbors as ourselves.
  3. People trying to improve their lives or escape poverty often face complex barriers and need an individualized, multi-faceted approach that addresses informational, relational, material, and spiritual poverty.
  4. Change best occurs in the context of relationship. We need one another in order to grow and must have positive relationships in order to take significant steps forward.
  5. People who offer help are enriched and changed just as much, if not more, than those who receive help.
  6. We can accomplish more if we work together. We avoid duplication, and everyone’s positive outcomes increase.
  7. We have an abundance of time, talent, and resources in our community and, if they are well organized and engaged, everyone in the community will be lifted up.

Essential Functions and Duties:

  • Collaborate with executive leadership to develop and implement operational strategies aligned with Love Columbia’s mission.
  • Participate in the development of organizational goals and long-term plans.
  • Provide guidance and operational expertise regarding program development and implementation.
  • Identify, develop, and implement operational systems improvements that will support highly efficient and effective operational performance; both improving upon the current state of operations and preparing for future growth in size and complexity.
  • Monitor deposit and investment accounts, determine resource allocation and utilization based on cash flow needs, and develop and implement financial and cash flow forecasting and strategies.
  • Guide feasibility and sustainability for potential programs and organizational expansion.
  • Work with program managers to develop and monitor program budgets.
  • Collaborate with Program Director and Grant Manager to develop grant budgets and complete required financial reports.
  • Be the primary check signer and administrator for all bank accounts and credit cards.
  • Develop and maintain local banking relationships.
  • Work with the Chief Development Officer to implement and manage potential donor investments and endowments.
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Oversee financial reporting and analysis to support decision-making.
  • Negotiate and manage contracts, leases, and agreements with vendors, partners, and service providers, including insurance, facilities, and technology.
  • Lead monthly meetings of the finance team and report to the board as needed.
  • Conduct quarterly finance meetings with the Love Seat management team.
  • Work closely with our external accountant regarding monthly financial and audit reports and the annual financial audit.
  • Supervise Finance Administrator’s handling of daily financial transactions and documentation.
  • Supervise the Facilities Manager’s oversight of Love Columbia facilities and properties. This includes ensuring facilities are well-maintained and effectively utilized to support programs and services, and coordinating renovations, repairs, and improvements.
  • Manage contractors, vendors, service providers, and associated contracts and agreements.
  • Oversee current and future capital projects.
  • Work closely with the contracted IT consultant to evaluate, implement, and maintain the IT infrastructure.
  • Manage building access and security.
  • Supervise the Business Director’s oversight of the Human Resources department. This includes ensuring adequate and quality staffing and a positive work environment.
  • Supervise the Business Director’s oversight of The Love Seat resale store and Furniture Bank. This includes ensuring the Love Seat provides sustainable revenue, basic needs items to Love Columbia clients, and quality volunteer and employment opportunities.
  • Other activities as defined to support the mission and vision of Love Columbia.

The Ideal Candidate:

Visionary Leadership: You excel at creating a compelling operations vision that garners widespread buy-in. Setting clear goals and achieving remarkable results, you inspire and motivate others through collaboration, moving hearts and minds towards shared objectives.

Process Optimization Enthusiast: Your passion lies in refining processes and achieving efficiency gains within systems. You prefer focusing on the core mechanics rather than the superficial details, always aiming to enhance the operational core of your environment.

Experienced Operator: You have a robust background of managing operations and finance effectively. Your problem-solving skills are top-notch, backed by a “figure it out” mentality and a comprehensive action plan for nearly every operational challenge.

Self-Starter: You are adept at driving projects to success with minimal guidance. Your ability to manage up is seamless, engaging other executive team members efficiently and effectively when necessary.

Empathetic Leadership: Leading with vulnerability and compassion, you prioritize learning and personal growth. You understand that managing change requires a human-centered approach, balancing decisive action with empathetic listening.

Skilled Manager: Comfortable leading teams, you excel at securing buy-in from diverse groups and are a master at delegation, ensuring smooth operational flow in a fast-paced environment.

Relationship Builder: You are a relationship builder who excels in fostering connections with various stakeholders, understanding their motivations, and creatively aligning them with organizational goals. Your approach to relationships is grounded in love.

Mission-Driven: Your values resonate deeply with Love Columbia’s Mission and Values, guiding your decisions and interactions both within and outside the organization.

Requirements for the position:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, Non-Profit Management, or related field.
  • 10+ years of relevant experience, including 5+ years in a senior-level leadership role.
  • Experience in leading operations within scaling environments.
  • Demonstrated business acumen via experience leading the business operations of a team, including building processes, goal setting, budgeting, progress monitoring, etc.
  • Demonstrated ability in financial planning, budgeting, and managing financial operations.
  • Excellent organizational, strategic planning, and problem-solving skills.
  • Flexibility to adjust to new initiatives and projects and align operations accordingly.
  • Commitment to the mission of Love Columbia and a passion for serving our community.
  • Personal alignment with the Values of Love Columbia.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Sensitivity to the complex issues faced by individuals experiencing poverty and willingness to engage clients with grace.
  • Willingness and excitement to relocate to Columbia, Missouri.