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  • Part Time
  • St. Louis County
  • Salary: Hourly
  • Organization Type: Religion

Episcopal City Mission


Provides part-time non-denominational pastoral care and other programming to the residents of the St. Louis area juvenile justice facilities where ECM has a presence (approximately 10 -24 hours/week depending on scheduling and the needs). Maintains a cooperative relationship with the juvenile justice facilities’ staff. The chaplain also presents to Episcopal Churches and inter-faith communities.


Reports to: Executive Director

Interrelationships: The residents, staff, and volunteers within the juvenile justice facilities in which the chaplain works; ECM and Diocesan staff, Board and Committee members.


1. Visit with the residents in the detention center units. Be a visible presence (a key component of this ministry) and be available for conversation, engaging with the residents in interactive activities.

2. Provide mental and spiritual wellness support individually and collectively to the residents and staff, as requested.
3. Provide or ensure weekly worship services, which include music, prayer, and preaching.

4. Implement programming that enables the residents’ spiritual and personal growth.

5. Speak to congregations and community organizations about this ministry and provide information about chaplaincy to newsletters and other communication outlets upon request by the Office Manager and/or Executive Director.

6. Attend staff meetings and select Episcopal City Mission events and Board meetings.

7. Liaison between ECM Leadership with Detention Center Leadership.

8. Arrange detention center tours for prospective grantors, Board members, etc.


1. Genuine compassion and love for children, youth, and their families.

2. Foundational understanding of youth ministry and the Duty to do no harm.

3. Ability to minister effectively to children and youth of diverse socioeconomic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

4. Apt to establish rapport with children and youth from various walks of life.

5. Intentional about meeting the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of children and youth.


1. Possess appropriate credentials as an ordained minister in a church and/or experienced in ministering to youth either inside or outside a juvenile detention facility.

2. Shall have completed at least one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education or professional counseling experience.

3. Ability to work inter-faith, integrating religious commitment into a chaplaincy setting. Requires a clear and congruent pastoral identity.

4. Ability to help residents and staff deal with spiritual issues, using their religious frame of reference. A willingness to make use of a variety of cultural and belief systems is required.
5. Ability to work with the Board, committees, other community and religious leaders effectively.

6. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and a clearly articulated theology.

7. Those with previous experience in developing or implementing chaplaincy services for youth or working with adolescent problems are preferred.


1. Juvenile justice facility environment.

2. Irregular hours; evenings and weekends.

The above statements describe the general nature of work performed but are not considered an exhaustive list of duties. Other duties, commensurate with the ability of the individual, may be assigned.

Please submit a resume and note of introduction to the Executive Director, Nathan Ivy, with Chaplain in the subject line to Deadline: June 28, 2024.