If you have an event planned for the last quarter of this year, our guess is that you and your board are asking yourselves questions like: Should we move forward in person? If we do, will people come? If people come, will we be a super spreader event? If we don’t host in person what should we do? 

On September 22nd, The Rome Group hosted Becky Moss, Chief Development Officer at Beyond Housing, to share her experience with cancelling an in-person gala and replacing it with the “2021 Un-Event,” a week of virtual celebration, excitement and support.  The Un-Event featured daily Fund-A-Need videos, a virtual tour, raffles, and other opportunities to engage with Beyond Housing and its mission of creating a stronger, more equitable and prosperous St. Louis – Once and for All. You can find the video of this discussion below.

TRG Un-Event Discussion with Becky Moss

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