2021 Philanthropic Landscape

2021 Philanthropic Landscape

Framing For Change: The Power of Communications to Unlock Thinking.

The Rome Group’s 2021 Philanthropic Landscape focused on “Framing for Change: The Power of Communications to Unlock Thinking.” Nat Kendall-Taylor, Ph.D. and CEO of the FrameWorks Institute made the presentation after The Rome Group’s review of local and national philanthropic trends.

Why This Topic?

In 2020, many nonprofits fell short of development goals as a result of cancelled events and donors’ uncertainty about their own situations, making successful fundraising in 2021 more important than ever.

The right message, or framing, can mean the difference between a successful ask and a fundraising flop. The FrameWorks Institute studies how communication activates different shortcuts and affects our thinking.

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