Beyond Housing

Beyond Housing

Beyond Housing called on The Rome Group to assist with its first major campaign to consolidate and expand its role as a community catalyst in the communities surrounding the Normandy Schools Collaborative.

By bringing together residents, civic leaders, and nonprofit and business partners, Beyond Housing addresses the range of needs in addition to having a place to live that make a community feel like home – health, education, and employment to name a few. Working with staff leadership and the Board of Directors, we assisted the organization in developing a case for support and a campaign plan to include renovation costs for its new building and expanding its successful programs.

Our team facilitated the recruitment of a strong campaign committee and worked closely with the volunteers, staff, and other supporters to prepare to reach out to potential donors. At the same time, we helped to strengthen Beyond Housing’s ongoing annual fundraising by enhancing support from individuals and using the organization’s events to communicate with donors about their mission and their future plans.

With the successful completion of its $10 million building campaign, Beyond Housing moved into its new home in Pine Lawn, an inner ring suburb of St. Louis, at the end of 2016, and the organization will be in a position to accomplish even more for the communities it serves.

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