Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation

Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation

Launched in the early 1990’s, TTEF provides scholarships for low- and moderate-income families that want to send their children to faith-based and/or private schools. The organization had experienced growth over a period of several years, and its leaders wanted to ensure that it continued to operate efficiently and maximize additional opportunities for growth through this transition.

At the start of the project, The Rome Group provided an overall assessment of how the organization was operating. This included the general workflow as well as opportunities to create efficiencies, such as finding places where efforts were duplicated or overlapping. Through staff interviews, process mapping, and a review of organizational documents such as job descriptions, our team recommended adjustments to the organizational structure and modifications to some internal systems and made recommendations that would allow staff to perform to their highest capacity.

As the organization continued to grow, TTEF re-engaged our consultants to update the assessment and review the organizational structure in real time. With our assistance, the Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation is positioned well to continue the growth they’ve experienced as they support students on their path to and through quality education.

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