Queen of Peace Center

Queen of Peace Center

When Queen of Peace Center’s (QOPC) new Executive Director came on board after the founding director retired, she wanted to make a number of changes to help realize her vision and support women with addiction and their families who needed their services. She started with the organizational structure – as the agency grew over the years, the decentralized structure had become cumbersome and inefficient.

With the goal of positioning the agency for strategic growth and development as well as being more effective, efficient, and sustainable, QOPC asked our team to help build a new organizational structure, assess the skills and competencies necessary for leadership positions, and develop a plan to transition QOPC to the new structure.

We worked with QOPC’s leadership to align core businesses, foster better coordination and communication among staff, and allow for more consistency in policies and procedures. This structure also better matches staff skills and competencies with their organizational roles. Our consultant developed a plan for phasing in the new structure and helped develop the strategy for communicating these changes to staff, Board and Catholic Charities, of which it is a member.

Our consultants became a trusted partner with an objective eye, helping the Executive Director lead through significant change while maintaining a warm and supportive culture within this $8 million organization.

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