Fathers’ Support Center

Fathers’ Support Center

Fathers’ Support Center was founded in 1997 to give men the skills to financially and emotionally support their children. With its founder still at the helm, Fathers’ Support Center’s leadership recognized the importance of building a strong Board as the organization plans for an eventual leadership transition.

Our team worked with the Board and staff leadership to strengthen the Board’s role in organizational oversight. Using a self-assessment as a starting point, we facilitated a Board retreat at which we reviewed effective roles and governance practices, and helped identify changes to FSC’s Board structure. As a result, we were able to restructure Board Committees and re-invograte the Board.

Since that initial retreat, our team has returned to facilitate the organization’s bi-annual board retreats. Topics have ranged from strategic planning to capital campaigns as well as a deeper dive into succession planning.

Because of our understanding of the complex relationships between nonprofit founders and their Boards, our team has been an effective partner to Fathers’ Support Center as it navigates current and future leadership challenges.

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